The firm Cattaneo Bionda Mazzucchelli law firm and civil law notaries is the synthesis of the professional, academic, and personal paths of its founding partners, Gianni Cattaneo, lawyer and civil law notary, Massimo Bionda, lawyer and civil law notary, and Dr. iur. Goran Mazzucchelli, lawyer.

Our law firm relies on each partner’s specific skills and on making the most of a more than fifteen-year long professional and personal cooperation. At the foundation of our practice, there is also our willingness to build a team ready to face the challenges of a more and more changing and complex future by exploiting the potential of communication and information technologies to their fullest.

We have adopted processes based on modern and efficient law practice, offering clients secure and easy-to-use engagement channels. Through an innovative IT platform, we can manage effectively all our business processes and clients’ dossiers: from lodging statements in digital format (e-justice) to managing both handwritten and digital correspondence, from audio- and videoconferences to electronic billing, from digital storage to offering clients a way to submit digital documents (even of considerable size) instantly and securely on dedicated partitions of our infrastructure.

Our law firm is structured and managed to focus on clients and their needs, which the firm and its partners meet by offering effective communication, accuracy, prompt action, and availability, honouring Swiss traditional efficiency. Every day, we are committed to protecting our clients’ interests, and we deeply believe in our professional obligations of loyalty, professionalism, and diligence. We understand our clients’ business and flexibility needs, and we adopt a proactive and business-friendly approach, oriented to finding solutions rather than to emphasizing issues.

We believe that our relationship with clients must be based on the deep knowledge of our clients’ situation so that we can interpret their needs at best. We also believe that it is important to develop “in the field” a rapport of mutual trust, to be renewed with passion and commitment day in, day out. We have faith in solid personal and professional relationships that cut across generations and are based on mutual respect, commitment, professionalism, and loyalty. We believe in valuing people and in respecting their dignity, whether they are team members, employees, authorities, or opposite parties. We are convinced in the importance of investing in the quality of our work environment and personnel, to allow them to put their skills, energies, and enthusiasm at our firm’s and our clients’ service. We believe it is necessary to protect the environment, therefore we have high standards in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency.

More than anything else, however, we believe in the direct, solid, and personal relationship between each foundation partner and his client–such relationship shall always be maintained. Even when a founding partner entrusts the case to an internal associate of the firm, he must stay in contact with his client, lead operations, make strategic decisions, and review the entrusted associate’s work. We believe in a law firm that is customer-oriented, and that values dialogue and personal relationships. We do not believe in being “industrial” lawyers and civil law notaries–such professions are, and shall remain, based on a personal rapport between a lawyer and their client.

In our everyday practice, we are led by values such as privacy and security. Our law firm was designed and structured with every aspect of these values in mind. In this regard, we are leaders in the industry, relying on HR, technologies, and business rules that have been adapted to the challenges posed by security and privacy in our information society. Our Security and Privacy Policy can be reviewed on-site when appointing an engagement. For security reasons, we do not disclose any information in this regard to third parties nor publicly.