Legal services

CBM offers legal advice and legal representation in all practices of the law of Canton of Ticino and the federal public and private law. The firm provides legal representation in arbitrations, civil and criminal courts, and administrative courts, both at the cantonal and federal level. Each founding partner has gained skills and experiences in specific areas of the law. For further information about this, please see each member’s page. Our lawyers abide by professional diligence and code-of-conduct standards applicable to members of the Ticino Bar Association and of the Swiss Bar Association.

The firm accepts engagements and fluently interacts with clients in Italian, German, French, and English. For engagements and correspondence in other languages, it relies on reliable professional interpreters and translators. The firm can also count on a strong network of independent experts in the field of national and international tax systems, company management, accounting, cybersecurity, stock exchanges and financial law, digital due diligence, marketing and advertising, as well as other practices the firm does not operate in such as divorce and family law.

The firm most commonly operates in the following areas of the law.

Civil Law and Code of Obligations

legal advice and representation | civil liability | medical malpractice | legal personality protection | privacy and reputation protection | associations and foundations | property law | condominium ownership | protection of chattel ownership and dominant property | easement | mortgage rights etc.

Inheritance Law

legal advice and representation | succession planning | wills | succession agreements | family succession | legacy | inheritance advances | heirs community dissolution | assignment of inheritance shares | exclusion of heirs | certificates of inheritance | trusts and foundations etc.

Contract and Commercial Law

legal advice and representation | M&A | employment law | NDAs | non-compete agreements | leases | donations | fixed-term loans | movables and real estate brokerage | letters of credit | “on-first-request” bank guarantees | national and international sale contracts | e-commerce | distribution agreements | agency agreements | representation agreements | franchising | engagements etc.

Criminal Law

legal representation in criminal proceedings both at cantonal and federal level | international mutual assistance in criminal matters | letters rogatory | national and international financial crimes | cybercrimes | business data theft | intellectual property violation | unfair competition | seizures and confiscations | crime victims support | damages etc.

Corporate Law

legal advice and representation | SAs and SAGLs corporate law | corporate governance | business management | business policies and guidelines | monitoring and surveillance | boards and directors liability | capital increase and reduction | company liquidations | restructuring | mergers | split-ups | asset transfers | compliance | legal due diligence | shareholders’ agreements | joint-ventures | transfers of registered offices | employees and business relocation etc.

Administrative Law

legal advice and representation | construction | compulsory purchases | tenders | data protection and public administration transparency | work, residence, and settlement permits | relocation | Federal Act on the Promotion of Research and Innovation (RIPA) support | foreign nationals tax declarations | lump-sum taxation | tax ruling etc.

Banking Law

legal advice and representation | management of communications between clients and FINMA and the authorities | corporate governance | internal management | internal employee regulations drafting | data leakage | operational forms drafting | contracts drafting | loans and funding | pledges | bank guarantees | trusts and foundations | asset management liability | frauds and counterfeiting | blockchain transactions | bank secrecy | confidentiality and data protection | international support | IT outsourcing etc.

Technology Law

legal advice and representation | e-commerce | software | cybercrimes | cybersecurity training | intellectual property | national and international trademarks registration and protection | author’s rights | IT outsourcing | cloud computing | hosting agreements | housing agreements | Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) | Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) | licencing agreements | open-source software | support to start-ups | Federal Act on the Promotion of Research and Innovation (RIPA) | drone law | digital storage | e-invoicing | e-billing | bitcoin | cryptocurrencies | initial coin offering (ICO) | Internet- and IT-related business regulations and policies | internal guidelines on cyber-surveillance and employee monitoring | BYOD etc.

Arbitration and Mediation

legal representation in national and international, both institutional and ad-hoc, arbitration proceedings | engagement as arbitrator | mediation and settlement proceedings

Privacy and Data Protection Law

legal advice and representation | privacy and personal data protection | right to be forgotten | social media | online and offline reputation protection | privacy policy drafting | terms and conditions | internal business guidelines | employment contract regulations | cyber-surveillance and employee monitoring policies | BYOD | personal data international transfer | binding corporate rules | Swiss-US privacy Shield etc.