Civil law notary services

Among its main offering, CBM provides civil law notary services, offered specifically by civil law notaries Gianni Cattaneo and Massimo Bionda, both relying on more than a decade of experience in traditional civil law notary practices.

The firm is constantly investing in enhancing skills, tools, and assets to provide clients with the best service possible, in terms of both quality and efficiency, and it is at the forefront of IT and digital technologies for civil law notaries, notably to introduce digital communication with the authorities (Central Business Name Index and Land Register), digital storage, compliant certified copies of paper and digital documents, digital and online execution of public deeds.

Our civil law notaries abide by professional diligence and code-of-conduct standards applicable to members of the Ticino Civil Law Notaries Association and of the Swiss Notaries Association.

The firm most commonly operates in the following areas of the law.

Real Estate Law

real estate sale contracts | pre-emption and purchase rights | donations | condominium ownership foundation deeds | legal setup for real estate transactions | mortgage creation and modification (paper and register mortgage certificates) | easement | building rights | fragmentation and subdivision | real estate gains tax etc.

Corporate Law

incorporations (SAs and SAGLs) | foundations establishment (including non-profit foundations) | branch openings | mergers | split-ups and asset transfers | capital increase | bylaw modifications | corporate transfers within, to, and from Switzerland | shareholder’s agreements etc.

Inheritance Law

wills | succession agreements | inheritance disclaiming agreements | inheritance certificates | Land Register updates | foundations and trusts | dissolution of heir communities | estate division etc.


certification of de facto situations | content of safe-deposit boxes (voluntary disclosure and similar procedures) | investigations of online breaches (on social media and the internet) | compliant document certified copies | apostille and authentications | authentication of signatures and corporate powers etc.