Simone Tosi


Simone Tosi studied Law at the University of Lucerne, where he obtained a Bachelor of Law in 2017 and a Master of Law in 2019. During his two-year Master, he developed an interest in Swiss and international Intellectual Property Law, especially in the field of digitalisation. While studying, he assisted Prof. Dr. iur. Francesco Trezzini in planning his introductory course on the discipline of the law and his course in Swiss substantial and civil procedural law. He also assisted Dr. iur. Goran Mazzucchelli in his role of appointed lecturer in planning his course in Swiss criminal law and criminal procedure.

He started his apprenticeship in February 2019, first at the Department 1 of the District Court of Lugano and then at the compulsory measures court.

Since September 2019, he has been doing his training practice as a lawyer and civil law notary at this law firm.


Italian, German, French, English

Education and Training

  • Bachelor of Law (BLaw)

    University of Lucerne

  • Master of Law (MLaw)

    University of Lucerne